There are some very passionate people creating amazing content about trailrunning in the Swiss Alps. Below you find a few websites, books or services I use myself to get inspired, learn and constantly improve my offering. I recommend all of them, without getting any commission if you buy a product or service from any of them.


Run the Alps Switzerland 30 Must-Do Trail Runs

Run the Alps Switzerland features 30 must-do trail runs that will appeal to novices and experts alike. Dozens of routes where researched, from Arolla to Zermatt, to find the best trail running the Swiss Alps have to offer. The book is an inspiring piece of work and every single run I did was great. I 100% recommend this book and online resources from Run the Alps.


Training for the uphill athlete

A great book if you are seriously interested in the physiological systems and training techniques for uphill sports. Beside the basics it covers strength training, different techniques and inspiring stories from top athletes. Reading this book provides you with the knowledge you need to create an effective training plan that fits your personal situation. On their website you find specific training plans and a lot more great content about Trailrunning.


Strava route planner

Strava is a social networt that lets you share all your activities with your friends and followers. Besides that they offer a powerful routeplanning tool, i often use to prepare for a run in a new area. Once the route is created you can navigate it directly in strava or download the .gpx file to import it to the device or service of your choice.


Schweiz Mobil

Perfect to explore the official national network of hiking and cycling/biking trails. Also available as a smartphone app allowing you to navigate along the route you planned on desktop.


Swiss topo maps

Official and highly accurate maps for all of Switzerland, including trails, ski tours and alpine routes. Also available as a smartphone app.


Alps insights

One of the most inspiring and complete websites for mountain experiences. You find a wide range of information and services for all kind of alpine sports. It might not surprise you, that one of the guys behind alps insight is a professional photographer.